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In Appreciation

Tuesday November 4th was a remarkable day of enthusiasm, support and energy. I crisscrossed the district, visiting twenty polls and meeting with hundreds of voters.  I was greeted with calls of encouragement everywhere I went.  Nearly 50 volunteers worked tirelessly back in the office, making thousands of phone calls to drive voters to the polls. Hundreds more volunteers worked inside and outside the polls to ensure the accuracy of the election process.

After this positive day, the elections results were very disappointing for everyone and I know particularly so for all of our dedicated volunteers. We had all keenly hoped for a different end to the day.

Now is not the time, however, to give up on our hopes for our community and our country. Now is not the time to hang our heads or to quiet our voices. Now is the time to strengthen our bonds and develop a plan for the future. Now is the time to reflect, regroup and re-energize. Above all, now is the time to remain united in support of each other, our community and our country.

My most sincere appreciation to all of you for your efforts during the campaign. Please continue your wonderful volunteer service for our community in some other way, and I look forward to working together again with you in the future.

Tom Manion

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